Taneka Stotts

Volume 2

Published by Beyond Press
Edited by Taneka Stotts and Sfé R. Monster
Funded via a kickstarter in 2017.

Featuring 27 stories by 39 contributors, Beyond vol. 2 is a 350+ page black & white queer comic anthology full of renegade city fae, post-apocalyptic bicycle gangs, reclusive monster boyfriends, and mysterious sewer-dwelling mermaids. Each story celebrates and showcases unquestionably queer characters as they explore back-alley faery rings, secret magic markets, and wander the dusty, rust-ragged edges of society after the end of the world!

A brand new volume of the all-ages award-winning sci-fi & fantasy queer comic anthology, and this time we’re bringing you stories with a post-apocalypse and urban fantasy theme!

The Beyond Anthology was born from a desire to see stories inspired by queer people like us with diverse backgrounds, genders, and sexualities as the center of their own stories. We wanted to see beautiful, heartwarming, and adventurous stories that reflect and celebrate the many facets of gender and sexuality without having to worry that their queerness would cast these characters as villains or pariahs or turn their inevitable sad ending into a cautionary tale.

This first volume of the series won a Lambda Award, was nominated for an Ignatz and was honor-listed for a James Triptree Jr. Award. The book sold out and had to be reprinted in 2018.

Post Apocalypse is an incredibly broad genre, and we are interested in both dystopia and utopia visions of the future. Verdant green spaces sprung up in the ruins of cities, and rusted outposts built on the edge of evaporated oceans. Urban Fantasy takes magic out of the far-off realm of high fantasy and places it into a contemporary setting.